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Wiesław Smętek is a Polish illustrator, graphic artist, designer and painter, who has for many years been living and working in Germany. He contributes regularly to Polish magazines, including The Polish-German Magazine DIALOG. He also designs book covers.

The number of his graphics for the covers of leading German newspapers and magazines has now gone into in the hundreds. Each one attracts attention for its excellent idea and exquisite workmanship. No subject is touchy or taboo for him. He deals with difficult maaers fearlessly, usually trying a variety of approaches.

He designs with a profound sense of humour and never seems too closely involved. He often explores historical themes, touching also upon the Polish past and Polish-German rela]ons. He ‘remakes’ the works of Polish and foreign painters with his own flair.

Smętek provokes, makes people think and last - but not least - he also teaches... 


Publisher: Propaganda Verlag

Language: German

Hardcover: 226 pages

ISBN: 978-3981655704

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